What are the benefits
of using finance?

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Maximise your investment
fund to invest in Buy To Let property

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Take advantage of historically
low interest rates

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Maximise ROI vs
cash purchase

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Fix payments and returns
over an agreed period

Finance & buy to let
property investment

Implementing the right Financial structure for your Buy to Let Portfolio is as important as choosing the right area and property to invest in.

We will ensure your money works as hard as possible to achieve maximum buying power balanced with low interest rates delivering maximum return on your invested capital.

Refinance your properties to directly benefit from your growth success and further increase your Return on Initial Investment (ROII).

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Am I on the best Residential Mortgage interest rate?

Make sure your own house is in order first and know you are paying the least possible interest on what is usually your biggest debt. You may be able to release equity at low interest rates that can give you a better return when invested in Buy To Let properties. We would always advise a cautious approach when releasing funds from your own home.

Benefits of checking your own mortgage deal

  • Check the latest mortgage deals and potentially reduce your interest rate
  • Fix your payments for an agreed period to manage your budget
  • Cautiously and cost effectively release equity
  • Start or enhance your Buy to Let portfolio
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What is a Buy to Let Mortgage?

Buy To Let Mortgages help you to invest maximum funds in property to grow your property portfolio. Investing with a 15% to 40% deposit with Buy To Let mortgages allows you to invest in more property and achieve a higher return on your invested capital than buying in cash.

Benefits of buy to let Mortgages

  • Historically low interest rates
  • Quadruple your buying fund vs cash purchases
  • Triple your ROI
  • Quadruple your property investment buying power

Cash Purchase Vs
Buy to Let Example

Outright purchase Using Capital as 25% deposit
Capital invested £250,000 £250,000
Buying power £250,000 £1,000,000
Rent PCM £1,200 £4,800
Rent PA £14,400 £57,600
Example Interest rate N/A 1.68%
Interest PA N/A £12,600
Gross rent £14,400 £45,000
Gross return 6% 18%
Increased rent return from 6% - 18% N/A 300%
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What is Development Finance?

Development finance allows you to fund the acquisition and building of residential developments. Funding will be dependent on the purchase costs, development cost and Gross Development Value, which is the completed value of the project.

Benefits of Development Finance

  • Leverage your funds to capitalise on more opportunities
  • Funds drawn down as you need them
  • Interest only paid on funds drawn down to date
  • Finance typically secured against each development individually
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What is Bridging and Short Term Finance?

A fast-growing form of finance, Bridging Finance (also known as ‘short term finance’) can be beneficial to businesses or property owners across a number of different scenarios. Bridging Finance is typically quicker to arrange than Buy To Let and can be used to fund urgent purchases or cashflow requirements to enable property development, conversion or re-financing.

Benefits of Bridging and Short Term Finance

  • Rapid application process with typical 24 hr approval
  • Funds typically released quickly with fees added to loan
  • Up to 36 month terms
  • Flexible and competitive rates with the option of interest roll up/retention
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What are Commercial Mortgages?

A Commercial Mortgage can be arranged to facilitate the purchase of a wide range of property investments to enable businesses to trade from their own occupied premises. Commercial Mortgages are available across most sectors from offices and Professional practice such as Doctors and Vets to Care Home or Leisure Facilities.

Benefits of Commercial Mortgages

  • Rent back to yourself via a SIPP
  • Full, Partial or Interest-only repayment options
  • Flexible terms from 1 to 30 years
  • Competitive fixed or variable rates with up to 100% finance available
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What are Mixed use Residential & Commercial Investment loans?

A part residential / part commercial mortgage can facilitate the purchase of a wide range of investment properties including residential, semi-commercial and commercial.

Mixed use Residential and Commercial loans are available across many investment types from traditional Buy To Let residential property investments and remortgages to premises ranging from retails to industrial, warehousing, leisure, land and agricultural.

Benefits of Mixed use Residential & Commercial Mortgages

  • Different repayment types including full, partial or interest only
  • Terms ranging from 1 to 30 years
  • Competitive fixed or variable interest rates
  • Up to 100% of the purchase price or market value